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Expert 21 Level I: Targeted ELL Instruction

Apply Vocabulary
Check for Understanding
Clarify Content-Area Vocabulary
Clarify Figurative Language
Clarify Homophones
Clarify Idioms
Clarify Meaning
Clarify Multiple Meanings
Clarify Organization
Clarify Play on Words
Clarify Pronunciation
Clarify Technology Terms
Clarify Terms
Clarify Vocabulary
Clarify Word Choice
Concrete Concepts
Confirm Understanding
Connect Text to Self
Connect to Self
Determine Meaning

Develop Concepts
Develop Understanding
Explain Idioms
Explain Punctuation
Frame Discussion
Frame Response
Maintain Focus
Model Discussion     
Monitor Comprehension
Paraphrase the Definition
Polite Phrases
Relate to Familiar Context
Review Cognates
Review Spanish Cognates
Scaffold Answers
Scaffold Instruction
Scaffold Use of Academic Language
Scaffold Revising
Set Purpose
Spanish Cognates
Support Author’s Purpose
Support Critical Thinking
Support Discussion
Support Organization
Support Responses
Understand Connotations
Understand Exaggeration
Understanding Irony
Understand Metaphor
Use Academic Language
Use Cognates
Use a Graphic Organizer
Use Alternate Format
Support Problem and Solution
Use Academic Language