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Scope and Sequence of Tested Skills Volume I



Literary Analysis

Navigating text

Vocabulary Word Analysis

Grammar Usage and Mechanics


Test 1

Main Ideas and Details, Make Inferences

Elements of Story,

Text Features,
Chronological Order

Base Words and Context Clues

Crafting Well Built Sentences,
Fragments and Run-Ons,
Using End Punctuation Marks

Personal Narrative

Test 2

Compare and Contrast,
Sequence of Events, Main Idea and Details, Make Inferences

Poetry Elements

Maps and Photos,
Interpreting Photographs

Context Clues, Word Families

Conveying the Purpose,
Using Nouns Correctly,
Capitals for Proper Nouns,
Apostrophe for Possessive Nouns

Compare and Contrast Essay

Test 3

Cause and Effect, Problem and Solution, Compare and Contrast, Sequence of Events

Character Traits

Author’s Purpose,
News Feature Elements

Adjective Suffixes,
Adverb Suffixes,
Noun Suffixes

Strong Verbs,
Correct Verb Tense,
Commas in a Series

Problem and Solution Essay

Test 4

Summarize, Fact and Opinion,
Problem and Solution, Cause and Effect

Point of View, Theme

Visual Sources: Photos,
Primary Sources

Multiple-Meaning Words

Varying sentence types,
Subject-Verb Agreement,
Using Contractions

Persuasive Essay