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First Grade Reading and Writing Curriculum

Great Readers See Themselves as Readers

Shared:  Unit One
Readers know how to choose books, how to care for books, and how to make reading a valued part of each day.

GHGR Unit One
Writers find ideas everywhere/
Autobiography/Photo Essay

TC Unit One
Launching with Small Moments

Great Readers Make Sense of Text

Shared:  Unit Two
Readers use their natural curiosity for asking questions to actively engage with text before, during and after reading.

GHGR Unit Two
Format Matters/Planning our Stories/Thinking about the reader

TC Unit Two
Authors as Mentors: Craftsmanship and Revision

Great Readers Use What They Know

Shared: Unit Three
Readers use their own experiences and knowledge of the world in order to become better readers.

 GHGR Unit Three
Personal Narrative: Exploring, adding details, and revising our stories.

TC Unit Three
Informational Books

Great Readers Understand How Stories Work

Shared:  Unit Four
Readers use the “rules” of narrative text to help them connect to text.

 GHGR Unit Four
Exploring, Writing, and Publishing Pattern Books/Informational Writing

TC Unit Four
Persuasive Writing: Opinions, Reviews, and Stories

Great Readers Read to Learn

Shared:  Unit Five
Readers us the features of nonfiction to unlock our world’s most fascinating secrets.

 GHGR Unit Five
Exploring Realistic Stories/Writing about Setting

TC Unit Five
Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages

Great Readers Monitor and Organize Ideas and Information

Shared:  Unit Six
Readers use essential skills for helping keep track of information.

GHGR Unit Six
Writing a How-To and an All About Book/Using Nonfiction Features

TC Unit Six
Informational Writing About Science

Great Readers Think Critically About Books

Shared: Unit Seven
Readers use a variety of cognitive skills to evaluate fiction and nonfiction.

GHGR Unit Seven
Write about your favorite character/Book Review

 TC Unit Seven
Realistic Fiction