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Grade 1 Unit 6: Great Readers Monitor and Organize Ideas and Information
Essential Questions Content Standards CCSS Common Core Resources Mentor Texts Assessment
How do great readers monitor and organize ideas and information?

How do writers write to explain and learn?
Shared Reading: Taking Notes on Fiction and Nonfiction, Self-Monitoring/Self-correcting, Visualizing Phonics and Vocabulary: vowel digraphs (oa, ow, oo, ie igh, ue, ew, ui), three-letter consonant patterns, consonant patterns: (kn, wr), phoneme blends, diphthongs (ou ow), variant vowels (au, al, all), suffixes -ly -ful, high frequency words, introduction, usage and development of new vocabulary words Shared Writing: Writing Teacher's Guide (Unit 5) Writing a How-To and an All About Book, Exploring and Using Nonfiction Features Write Habits (Common Core Edition) Writing to Explain and Learn Summary, Explanation, Captions and Pictures, Short Report Conventions/LPS: Verbs that do not add -s; Special Titles, Verbs: am, is, are, was and were, Verbs that add -s RL.1.1 RL.1.3 RL.1.4 RL.1.5 RL.1.6 RL.1.10 RI.1.2 RI.1.4 RI.1.7 RI.1.10 RF.1.1 RF.1.2 RF.1.3 RF.1.4 W.1.1 SL.1.4 SL.1.6 L.1.4
*GHGR Shared Reading Teacher's Guide *GHGR Planning and Implementation Guide *GHGR Reader's Theater Anthology *GHGR Assessment Handbook *Teacher Resource CDs *GHGR Decodeable readers *Leveled Library (Guided Reading) *GHGR Write Habits (Common Core Edition) Rubrics and Supplemental Support *GHGR Writing Teacher's Guide *Conference Card *Writing Teacher Resource CD (rubrics) *Phonics and Vocabulary Teacher's Guide *Words Their Way *Continuum of Literacy Learning Clean Your Room, Harvey Moon; Dreams; Dee and Me; Time For Bed; Eat Your Vegetables; Once Upon a Time; Nana Updstairs & Nana Downstairs; Follow a River; Way Out West Lived a Coyote Named Frank; The Ugliest Dog in the World *F&P Benchmark (beginning, middle and end of year) *Reading Writing Portfolio (Fall and Spring Writing Sample) Assessment Handbook: *Running Record (3 times per year between benchmarks) *Retelling Rubric(Oral) *Reading Log *Story Frame *Text Frame *Early Reading Behavior Checklist (AIS/RTI) *Performance-Based Assessment *Checklist of Good Habits (AIS/RTI)