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Second Grade Reading and Writing Calendar

Great Readers See Themselves as Readers

Shared: Unit One
Books are Valuable Treasures Worth Reading.

Unit One
Launching the Writing Workshop/Descriptive Paragraph/Descriptive Poem

TC Unit One
Writing Stories Under Mentor Authors

Great Readers Make Sense of Text

Shared: Unit Two
Readers examine their own predictions and explore their natural curiosity to become more active readers.

Unit Two
Personal Narrative/Class News Story/Writing to a Prompt

Writing and Revising Realistic Fiction

Great Readers Use What They Know

Shared:  Unit Three
Readers make connections, activate background knowledge, build vocabulary, and make inferences.

Unit Three
Letter to an Author, Response Journals, Summary

Informational Writing

Great Readers Understand How Stories Work

Shared:  Unit Four
Readers use their knowledge of story grammar, literary devices, and text features to find more reasons to read.

Units Four and Five
Realistic Short Story/Folktale and Fable/Writing for Tests

Opinion Writing: Writing About Reading

Great Readers Read to Learn

Shared:  Unit Five
Readers know how to set a purpose for reading and identify text features and structures for nonfiction books.

Unit Five
All About Books/Informative Report/Compare and Contrast

Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny Packages

Great Readers Monitor and Organize Ideas and Information

Shared:  Unit Six
Readers know how to monitor and organize ideas presented in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Unit Six
Writing to Explain and Learn/Observation Logs/How-To/Informative and
Explanatory Writing

Writing Adaptations of Familiar Fairy Tales and Folk Tales, and Perhaps Writing Original Fantasy Stories as Well

Great Readers Think Critically About

Shared:  Unit Seven
Readers use a variety of cognitive skills to evaluate fiction and nonfiction.

Unit Seven
Persuasive Writing/Opinion Statement/


Great Readers Think Critically About Books

Readers use a variety of cognitive skills to evaluate fiction and nonfiction.

Informational Writing

Informational Writing About Science