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Fifth Grade Reading and Writing Calendar

Great Readers See Themselves as Readers

Shared:  Unit One
Readers choose books they can read with confidence and success. (Building Reading Stamina)

Unit One
Launching the Writing Workshop/Descriptive and Narrative Writing/ Photo Description

Raising the Level of Personal Narrative Writing/ Memoir

Great Readers Make Sense of Text

Shared:  Unit Two
Active reading helps readers gain deeper understanding.

Unit Two
Personal Narrative/ Descriptive Essay/ Narrative Poem

The Interpretive Essay: Exploring and Defending Big Ideas about Life and Texts

Great Readers Use What They Know

Shared:  Unit Three
Readers know how to use and expand on what they know to make the text their own.

Unit Three
Writing to a Prompt/Summary of Fiction and Nonfiction/Reviews

Informational Writing

Great Readers Understand How Stories Work

Shared:  Unit Four
Readers know the literary devices that allow authors to paint pictures with words and make stories believable.

Unit Four
Fantasy Short Story/Creative Writing/ Tall Tale/Mystery/ Story Exchange/ Narrative Poetry

Research-Based Argument Essays

Great Readers Read to Learn

Shared:  Unit Five
Readers make sense of text features and organizational patterns that are characteristic of nonfiction.

Unit Five
Writing to Explain and Learn/Expository Compositions/SS Report/Newspaper Story/Cause-Effect Essay/Compare-Contrast Essay

Literary and Comparative Essays

Great Readers Monitor and Organize Ideas and Information

Shared:  Unit Six
Readers know which graphic organizers work best for different types of reading and text structures.

Unit Six
Writing to Explain and Learn/Outlines/
Learning Logs/Test Preparation

Test Preparation

Great Readers Think Critically About Books

Shared:  Unit Seven
Readers question, accept, reject, or modify an author’s ideas.

Unit Seven
Persuasive Essay/Test Preparation

Historical Fiction/Mixed Genre Writing or Fantasy Writing


Readers question, accept, reject, or modify an author’s ideas.

Persuasive Essay/Persuasive Speech/Advertisement
Informational Writing

Writing in Content Areas/ Research-Based Informational Writing or Fantasy Writing