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Grade 5 Unit 5: Great Readers Read to Learn
Essential Questions Content Standards CCSS Common Core Resources Mentor Texts Assessment
How do great readers read to learn?

How do good writers write to inform?
Shared Reading: Locate Facts and Information, Make Inferences From Non-Fiction, Identify and Use Text Features, Identify and Use Text Structure Shared Writing: Writing Teacher's Guide Social Studies Report, Newspaper Story Write Habits (Common Core Edition) Informational Writing Expositiory Composition, Cause-and-Effect Essay, Compare and Contrast Essay Conventions/LPS: Common and Proper Nouns, Commas, Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases RL.5.10 RI.5.1 RI.5.3 RI.5.4 RI.5.5 RI.5.7 RI.5.10 RF.5.3 RF.5.4 W.5.2 W.5.6 W.5.7 W.5.8 W.5.9 W.5.10 SL.5.1 SL.5.5 SL.5.6 L.5.1
*GHGR Shared Reading Teacher's Guide
*GHGR Planning and Implementation Guide
*GHGR Reader's Theater Anthology
*GHGR Assessment Handbook
*Teacher Resource CDs
* GHGR Student Reader Volumes 1-3
*Leveled Library (Guided Reading)
*GHGR Write Habits (Common Core Edition) Rubrics and Supplemental Support
*GHGR Writing Teacher's Guide
*Conference Card
*Writing Teacher Resource CD (rubrics)
*Phonics and Vocabulary Teacher's Guide
*Words Their Way
*Continuum of Literacy Learning
Remarkable Robots; Turn it Down; Explore Your World; Light and Shade; "Gettysburg" Student Reader, Vol. 2; First Journeys; Famous American Spies; Student Reader, Vol. 2; What Time is it?; Lady With a Lamp; "Carver Elementary Student Stings Competition in Spelling Bee" *F&P Benchmark (beginning, middle and end of year)
*Reading Writing Portfolio (Fall and Spring Writing Sample) Assessment Handbook:
*Running Record (3 times per year between benchmarks)
*Summary Rubric
*Reading Log
*Story Frame
*Text Frame
*Independent Reading Behavior Checklist (AIS/RTI)
*Performance-Based Assessment
*Checklist of Good Habits (AIS/RTI)