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Unit 6 - Themes in Oral Tradition

Big Question: Community or individual-which is more important?            
Big Question Words Reading Selections Reading Skill Literary Analysis Vocabulary Writing Workshop Language Progressive Skills
Common, community, culture, diversity, duty, environment, individual, team, tradition, unify, unique Icarus and Daedalus Common Core: RL.2 W.3, W.3.a, W.3.b SL.1.a, SL.1.c L.2, L.4.b Cause and Effect:
1. A cause is an event, action, or feeling that produces a result, and the result of these actions is known as the effect
1. Myths explain natural occurrences and express beliefs about right and wrong
3. Myths explore universal themes
liberty, aloft, vacancy, reel, sustained, captivity Business letter pp.982-987 Work in Progress pp. 933 and 957 Research Project pp. 1040-1049 Work in Progress pp. 1005 and 1025 Punctuation Marks: colon, semicolon, hyphen, dash, bracket
  Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl Common Core: RL.9 W.1.a, W.1.b, W.2, W.2.b SL.4 L.2, L.4.b Cause and Effect: Words that may identify causes and effects are: because, due to, for this reason, and as a result Legend and Fact:
1. A legend is a traditional story about the past
2. A fact is something that can be proved to be true.
shortsighted-ness, feebleness, decreed, relished, unanimous, routed   Commas
  Sun and Moon in a Box Common Core: RL.2 W.2, W.2.b, W.2.f, W.3, W.3.b SL.4 L.2, L.5.b, L.6 Compare and Contrast:
1. Recognize similarities and differences
Cultural Context: Fables, folktales, and myths are influenced by background, customs and beliefs of the people who originally told the stories. regretted, reliable, curiosity, pestering, relented, cunning   Capitalization: Sentence beginning, quotations, proper nouns, and proper adjectives.
  The People Could Fly Common Core: RL.3 W.1, W.1.a, W.1.b, W.2.a, W.2.b, W.2.f, SL.4 L.2, L.3.a, L.4.b Compare and Contrast: Reread to locate details to compare Folk Tales:
1. Form of fiction composed orally and passed from person to person by word of mouth 2.Teach a lesson about life and teach the difference between good and evil
shed, scorned, hoed, croon, mystery, shuffle   Abbreviations: Common titles, academic degrees, states, addresses, traditional measurementsmetric measurements

Assessment: Test Practice: Unit Review pp. 1056-1061