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Unit 4-Poetry

Big QuestionWhat is the secret to reaching someone with words?            
Big Question Words Reading Selections Reading Skill Literary Analysis Vocabulary Writing Workshop Language Progressive Skills
benefit, connection, cultural, individuality, inform, relevant, significance, valid Poetry Collection 1- Cat, Silver, Your World RL.4 W.4 SL.6, L.4.a, L.4.b, L.5.b Context Clues:
1. synonym
2. antonym/contrast 3.comparison
4. explanation
5.sentence role
Sound Devices: Create musical affects that appeal to the ear, while helping convey the mood, tone, and meaning of a poem flatterer, scampering, reeds, immensity, rapture 1.Work in Progress pp. 669-689
2. Problem-Solution Essay pp. 758-713
  Poetry Collection 4-Little Exercise, Ode to Enchanted Light, The Sky are Low, The Clouds are Mean RL.4 W.1, W.4, W.9 L.1, L.4.a, L.4.d L.5.b Context Clues: Verify the meaning by inserting it in the place of the unfamiliar word   uneasily, unresponsive, boulevard, cicada, rut, debates   Direct and Indirect Objects
  Poetry Collection 5-Old Man, Runagate Runagate, Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind RL.5 W.3 SL.1 L.1, L.2.a, L.4.b Paraphrasing: Look for specific ideas in the text that help explain the writer's main idea or message Forms of Poetry:
1. Lyric vs. narrative
2. Poets tap readers' prior knowledge and emotions by using allusions
legacy, aromas, supple, beckoning, shackles, ingratitude 1. Work in Progress pp. 739 and 763 Prepositional Phrases
  Frost and Whitman-The Road Not Taken and O Captain! My Captain! RL.1, RL.4 W.9   Comparing Literary Works: Descriptive Writing diverged, exulting 2.Compare/Contrast Essay pp. 780-787  

Assessment: Test Practice: Unit Review pp.794-799