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Unit 5-Drama

Big Question: Is it our differences or our similarities that matter most?            
Big Question Words Reading Selections Reading Skill Literary Analysis Vocabulary Writing Workshop Language Progressive Skills
class, discriminate, distinguish, divide, identify, judge, represent Anne Frank and Me RL.3, RL.6 Stage Directions: What do you learn about the characters and their actions from the stage directions? Elements of Drama: Dialogue, conflict, and stage directions      
  The Governess RL.1, RL.3 W.1 SL.4 L.1.a, L.4.b, L.6 Draw Conclusions: Reaching decisions or forming opinions after considering details in a text Setting and Character: Characterization is mostly accomplished through dialogue, while setting is established through the way the characters react to the onstage world inferior, discrepancies, discharge, satisfactory, lax, guileless 1. Work in Progress p.827
2. Business Letter pp. 842-847
3. Work in Progress pp. 915 and 959
4. Research Report pp. 982-993
Participle Phrases

Assessment: Test Practice: Unit Review pp. 1000-1005