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Unit 6-Themes in American Stories

Big Question: Are yesterday's heroes important today?            
Big Question Words Reading Selections Reading Skill Literary Analysis Vocabulary Writing Workshop Language Progressive Skills
aspects, cultural, emphasize, exaggerate, imitate, influence, symbolize Why the Waves Have Whitecaps RL.2 W.3 SL.5, SL.6 L.1, L.3 Summarize: Short statement presenting key ideas and main points of a text Mythology: Traditional tale that presents the beliefs or customs of a culture dialect 1. Work in Progress pg. 1037 and 1061
2. Multimedia Report pp. 1084-1089
Sentence Structure
  Brer Possum's Dilemma RL.4, RL.7 W.2, W.9 SL.6 L.2.a Summarize: Leave out minor details and use graphics to help organize major events or ideas Oral Tradition: Focus on dialect and idioms commenced, pitiful, coiled, flagged   Commas
  John Henry RL.4, RL.7 W.2, W.9 SL.6 L.2.a          
  Out of the Dust RL.1 W.3, W.3.a,W.3.d, W.7 L.2, L.4.b Purpose for Reading: to learn, be entertained or persuaded Cultural Context: The social and historical environment in which the characters live helps give insight into characters' attitudes and actions Feuding, spindly, drought, grateful, sparse, rickety 1. Work in Progress pp. 1109 and 1131
2. Cause and Effect Essay pp. 1156-1163
Semicolons and Colons
  Ellis Island RL.1 W.3, W.3.a,W.3.d, W.7 L.2, L.4.b     quarantine, empires, native, invaded    

Assessment: Test Practice: Unit Review pp. 1175-1175