office of special services
795 Wisconsin Ave Bay Shore NY 11706      Phone: (631) 434-2401   Fax: (631) 434-8158
Ms. Kim Fauci – Director of Special Services – (631) 434-2144
Special Education Program
The Special Education Program provides assistance for any school-aged students with disabilities through a variety of accommodations, services, supports and programs. After a Committee on Special Education has reviewed evaluations and all information pertinent to the students individualized academic, social/emotional, physical and management needs, a recommendation is made to the Board of Education. Special Education programs, services and placements both within the district and outside of the district are implemented by the Board of Education within a timely manner. Each student's progress is reviewed at least annually to determine continued eligibility for such services. Please call (631) 434-2143 for further information about these programs.
Ms. Kim Fauci – Director of Special Services
Ms. Rhonda Young – Assistant to the Director of Special Services Secondary
Placida Randall - Assistant to the Director of Special Services for Elementary and Preschool
Mr. William Dargan - Interim Special Education Department Chair for Brentwood High School and can be reached at (631) 434-2423.
The Special needs of preschool students are addressed through the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE). Through a referral to the CPSE, the parent/guardian of a preschooler who is suspected of having a disability, can arrange for the child to receive a comprehensive evaluation at a preschool evaluation site of the parent's choice, provided that it has been approved by New York State. Brentwood Public Schools is fortunate to have a program for preschoolers with disabilities that has been approved by New York State as both an evaluation site and a special education preschool program. Three and four year old students who have been evaluated are screened by the CPSE and recommendation for services and/or placements are made as appropriate. These recommendations are presented to the Board of Education for review and implementation.

Speech and Hearing Department

The Brentwood Department of Speech and Hearing Services provides comprehensive speech, language and hearing services to the students of Brentwood who have been identified through the Committee on Special Education. The Speech Therapist in each building throughout the district works closely with the building administrators and classroom teachers to provide curriculum-based speech therapy plans for students requiring services. Additionally, they work in conjunction with the school nurse and audiologist to appropriately refer students for a complete audiological evaluation at the district Hearing Resource Center located in the Special Services building.
Garvin P. Romane – Department Head for Speech and Hearing Services can be reached at (631) 434-2215 for further information regarding these programs.

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Attendance and Registration
The Brentwood School District is an active partner with students and parents/guardians in ensuring that all students meet or exceed the New York State Learning Standards. Students who are in school on time daily basis generally experience greater academic success, higher personal expectations, and succeed to a far greater degree. Only the following reasons are acceptable for excused absences or tardiness: illness of the student, family illness or death and required court appearances. If a student is unavoidable absent, parents/guardians should notify their school by telephone or note on the first day of absence. A parents/guardian's note should always accompany a student upon his/her return to school, indicating date(s) and reason for absence. If a parent's/guardian's note is not received, it may result in a student being marked with an unexcused absence. To help promote good attendance and to aid families in which attendance is a problem. Brentwood employs several attendance teachers and aids. These staff members investigate absences, put families in touch with community agencies, and assist the student in facing and meeting responsibilities. By law, attendance teachers sometimes report excessive absences to relevant authorities.

Registration Office: 52 3rd Ave. Brentwood, NY 11717  |   Phone: (631) 434-2301  |  Fax: (631) 434-2572    
Hours – 8:00AM – 2:00PM Monday - Friday
Mr. Cristobal Benitez – Coordinator of Attendance and Census can be reached at (631) 434-2301 to answer any questions regarding these services.

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Health, Psychological and Social Work Services
Health, psychological and social work services are available as student support services within our schools. The district provides a multitude of evaluative and diagnostic services for students.
School Nurses provide a wealth of information to parents/guardians and students. Materials on numerous health issues are provided by school nurses. The nurse may be the key person to answer your questions concerning first aid procedures, possible hearing and vision defects, immunization, or children's nutrition. Even questions about special transportation, the school-lunch policy, home teaching, and protection of children from child abuse and neglect are concerns of the health staff. Obviously, the school health office is a place in which sensitivity and confidentiality are valued. When a child becomes ill or is injured in school, parents/guardians are notified immediately. Emergency cards are utilized to contact a neighbor or relative if parents/guardians are not home. While first aid is given promptly to injured students, and a child may be taken directly to a hospital, the rights and obligations of the family to choose their own physician for follow-up treatment is honored. Parents/Guardians should have their children examined by their family doctor and the results reported on a convenient form provided by the health office. Each child entering school for the first time, or entering grades Pre-K, kindergarten, 2, 4, 7 and 10 must have an examination before October 1. Students not being examined by family physicians will automatically be scheduled for examinations by the school doctor or nurse practitioner. Brentwood is fortunate in having a part-time school physician. His responsibilities include the supervision of the district nurse practitioners, and special examination for children participating in sports or who seek working papers. In addition, nurse practitioners provide similar services in collaboration with the school physician.


The psychologists and social workers assist families and students in addressing common concerns – not just of the exceptional child, but of all children. While they primarily work with children who display learning or emotional difficulties, they also service youngsters whose "problems" are a normal part of maturation. Psychologists and social workers are an integral part of crisis intervention support when needed. *They also work with building teams to develop appropriate functional behavioral assessments (FBAs) and behavioral interventions plans (BIPs) when necessary.  Upon learning of a significant disproportionate representation of racial and ethnic groups with respect to suspension of students with disabilities, revisions to district procedures with respect to FBAs and BIPs have occurred.

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And:         Revised Behavioral Intervention Plan Procedures

Many parents/guardians want to know if their child is ready for school, or if he/she can handle different types of "discipline." Some parents/guardians want to meet with other adults, just to share family child-rearing experiences. Still other parents/guardians and students want a chance to resolve fears or worries or personal decisions with a person who demonstrates understanding, and sensitivity.

Sean Coffin - Coordinator of Health, Psychological and Social Work Services

can be reached at (631) 434-2583 to answer any questions regarding these services.