Superintendent's Message

Dr. Levi McIntyre, Superintendent
Superintendent's Message
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 Letters and Messages to Parents and Community

Dear Parents and Residents:

I am proud to take on the role of Superintendent of the Brentwood School District. As your Superintendent of Schools, I am looking forward to working with you, our teachers, administrators, and support staff. I am also excited to build upon the strong education foundation established here within the District and to provide a good quality education for all our students. 

Before starting my appointment as the new Superintendent, I had the pleasure of touring each building where I met with administrators, staff, principals, and students. I also had the chance to meet with some of the union representatives. Over the next several months, I will be working with the school board and staff as well as the community to learn about the programs, processes and opportunities that exist for us. My goal is to exceed all expectations and coordinate, through collaborative efforts, a nurturing learning environment.

Moreover, I will continue to make myself available to all partners and stakeholders who wish to share their views. I want to meet with you as well. As parents, you have a vital role to play in the success of your child and our schools. Our goal for the home/school dynamic is for it to become a collaborative partnership. Your role is to ensure that your child attends school every day and on time. You will be asked to play an active role in monitoring your child’s success and assist them with accessing resources necessary to complete their assignments. You are the frontline and your child’s first advocate. I am encouraging you to become involved in your school’s Parent Teachers Association (PTA) and to attend the Board of Education Meetings. It is only through this close partnership that we will ensure the success of our students and our schools.

The Board of Education is holding me accountable as the instructional leader for progress in our educational programs. I will work with the administrative team to ensure that instructional programs address the needs of our students. The principals will be asked to set high expectations for their buildings by providing their teachers high quality instruction through the implementation of best instructional practices. Teachers will be asked to hold students accountable for their performance and to accept nothing but the best from each student.

I am a proud resident of the Brentwood community and deeply honored to represent the school district as its Superintendent.  I am looking forward to meeting each of you as we work together to strengthen our schools.

Dr. Levi McIntyre
Superintendent of Schools.